• Location
    Green Renewable, Inc. sits on approximately 54 acres of industrial zoned land in a park known as Northeast Green Center.
  • Space
    The Green Renewable, Inc. property offers 82,000 square feet of building space, with more than 30 separate industrial buildings on the property.
  • Products
    Green Renewable, Inc. produces kiln-dried Burn Rite™ Firewood, which meets New York State DEC invasive species control specifications.
  • Sustainable Energy
    Green Renewable, Inc. will be updating two micro-steam turbine generators to produce electric power from the facility’s existing biomass gasifiers and boilers.
  • Renewable Resources
    A solar energy farm will be constructed at the Green Renewable, Inc. site to assist in daily power needs.

Green Renewable, Inc. is a company focused on developing products for the heat and energy industries derived from renewable resources.

Located in Berlin, New York, this rapidly growing, small business is committed to offering quality jobs that support a more sustainable future. From our kiln-dried bagged Burn Rite™ Firewood to the micro-steam turbine generators at our production facility, environmental stewardship is at the heart of all we do.

At Green Renewable, Inc., we are building the bridge between job creation and environmental balance.